The Flyway Print Exchange November 24 2015

20 artists from 9 countries inspired by the journeys of 8 million birds.

Flyway Print ExchangeThe Flyway Print Exchange is an international environmental art project featuring 20 artists from 9 different countries, linked by the East-Asian Australasian Flyway. The Flyway describes the 29,000km circuit flown annually by Australia’s migratory shorebirds, to and from their breeding grounds above the Arctic Circle. The artists, from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, China, Japan, South Korea and the USA, have all created original prints which will be exhibited at the Melbourne Immigration Museum throughout the summer. Techniques include woodblock printing, silkscreen, digital, etching, linocutting, stencilling and more. The Flyway Print Exchange exhibition will feature two sets of prints: one pristine and framed, the other one worn and weathered, which has been posted without protection along the Flyway from New Zealand to Alaska and back to echo the birds’ journeys.

'The Flyway Print Exchange' and 'Par Avian' will be showing at the Melbourne Immigration Museum from December 1, 2015 - February 28, 2016.
For further information visit the website here.
Picture Credit:  Amanda O’Sullivan, There and Back Again, 2013 –  silkscreen print | Photographed by Andrej Kocis.