Our Songbirds love nestling in these beautiful gift pouches

Our paperweight whistles bring extra meaning to our range through some simple design choices.

Each comes presented in a colourful hand-sewn gift pouch featuring a little woven handle. I do joke with customers that this means they can safely carry their little songbird whistle with them wherever they go but, asides from their practical and decorative values, the woven handle also provides opportunity to increase our engagement and impact within our producer's community.

The handles are actually hand-woven by women in the hill-tribe villages surrounding our studio workshop. Traditionally practiced by Lahu hilltribe women using a back-strap loom, this form of weaving is portable and practical in the remote villages where access is difficult and space for weaving requires mobility.

By adding this simple design touch we are connecting more women to our enterprise and supporting the continued practice of traditional craft methods.

Pictured: Superb Fairy Wren Paperweight

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