Give or decorate ethically with our festive Peacebirds

Our beautiful Peacebirds have returned for another festive season, providing the opportunity to give or decorate ethically whilst supporting the incredible work of our craft partner, Basha Enterprises.

Recently I spoke with Robin Seyfert, the driving force behind Basha Enterprises, in a podcast for The Décologist. Robin is full of passion and compassion, and in an inspiring conversation we learn about how Basha Enterprises came about, their achievements to-date and some of the many challenges they face working to empower vulnerable and exploited women in Bangladesh.

What especially touched me is how, through creating a safe environment for these women, craft has become a vehicle and process for change. As Robin explains, most of these women aren't naturally talented at craft, or haven't previously developed their skills in a particular craft technique. Their lessons in craft and the development of their skills, has come hand-in-hand with building strength, resilience and dignity in response to the marginalised and exploited circumstances they found themselves in prior to joining Basha. 

Listen to my conversation with Robin Seyfert