#madewithheart | Adelaide & The Grampians, Australia

#madewithheart : collaborating with nature


In 2003, self-proclaimed 'greenie' and nature-lover Heide Hackworth set-out to develop a range of cards and stationery which maintains the traditional exchange of paper mail greetings with minimal impact on the environment.

It became a journey far more challenging than expected, as she learned of the difficulties in not only sourcing 100% post-consumer recycled paper in Australia, but also identifying printers that were able to provide environmentally friendly printing options; using vegetable-based inks as opposed to mineral-based inks whose waste releases volatile organic compounds and hazardous heavy metals into the the environment.

Heide rigorously scrutinised the Australian paper greetings supply chain in search of better alternatives for the environment.

Now, with the knowledge of climate change and an awareness of our ability to impact the earth as consumers, Earth Greetings and its collection of carbon-neutral, 100% post-consumer waste paper stationery products has become a successful, preferred choice for Australian, environmentally conscious letter-senders and paper-well-wishers.

In celebration of Australia's vibrant and diverse flora and birdlife, Earth Greetings has collaborated with Grampians-based design studio 'Inaluxe' to present a range of cards and stationery playfully depicting various species of birds and flowers unique to the Australian environment. The signature Inaluxe style provides a contemporary take on the colours, textures and aesthetics traditionally associated with Australia's natural environment.