#madewithheart | Urapunga, Australia

Made with Heart - created in Urapunga


"Languna are flying over the yarlbun in the billabong. They used to spear them with spear, hit them with stones or sticks. But now days they get them with rifle. They are very good for eating, the meat is so delicious."

Margaret Duncan comes from a long line of artists, with many generations informing and guiding her practice. Margaret’s paintings tell the stories of her country, and employ bright and distinctive colours that communicate joy and healing. Margaret is a renowned artist and entrepreneur, being awarded the 2016 NAIDOC Artist of the Year award for the Katherine region, as well as being a mentor, board member and active entrepreneur for Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP).

Margaret's special edition Languna range, connects her memories and observations of Magpie Geese in Central Australia.