Our Values

Songbird Collection looks towards the principles of Fair Trade not only as a foundation for ethical and sustainable business practice, but also as a creative process which enables producers to maintain and express social and cultural values throughout the production process; creating a distinct point of difference through embedding a sense of authenticity, provenance and collective identity in hand-crafted objects.


Songbird Collection (SBC) seeks to create new market opportunities for disadvantaged or marginalised small producers and co-operatives by providing design and product development support to increase capacity and provide opportunity to connect with the Australian retail market. SBC is a sales channel which facilitates expression of identity and empowerment through crafts production.


At the core of this principle is the collaborative nature and intent of SBC's business operations; enabling a collective and transparent dialogue between the producer and SBC. This includes a resonant understanding between the producer and SBC's vision for their products, ensuring a cohesion and respect of ethical and sustainable principles integral to each stakeholder, and a sensitivity and confidentiality of commercial information supplied.


SBC trades with concern for the social, economic and environmental well-being of our production partners and does not maximise profit at their expense. SBC is responsible and professional in meeting its commitments in a timely manner.

SBC ensures that all orders placed are paid in full prior to dispatch and that any custom orders are clearly and fairly negotiated with terms agreed in writing prior to production. All orders that require custom production, or production beyond the current stock-holding of the producer commence after a non-refundable 50% deposit has been paid to the producer to ensure that they have the cash flow to meet the costs of labour and materials without being out of pocket, with the remaining balance paid upon completion and prior to shipment of goods.


SBC recognises, promotes and protects the cultural identity and traditional skills of small producers facilitating a fair and collaborative approach to product design and development. SBC understands the significant influence and impact design has on the translation and perception of cultural and traditional elements across markets and maintains a clear and transparent connection to culture and origin throughout the design and marketing process.


SBC encourages and supports producers to utilise production technologies and processes which seek to reduce energy consumption and, where possible, use renewable energy technologies that minimise greenhouse gas emissions. SBC supports and encourages products which are produced utilising production techniques that minimise the impact of their waste stream on the environment. SBC uses recycled or easily biodegradable materials for packing to every extent where possible.

SBC promotes and advocates environmental awareness through its core brand concept – which is reflected in the value of similar cultural and social qualities. The SBC concept focusses on the diversity, freedom and empowerment of birdlife as a symbol for the deeper environmental, cultural and social issues relevant in today's world.