Our Peacebird Story

Our Peacebirds bring together a powerful social message for a festive occasion - with each decoration depicting the universal symbol of peace - a dove.

We think of the 'festive season' in a more open and inclusive way, as there are many festivities around the world, and across cultures, where these values resonate and relate. 

In 2016 we first worked with the artisans of Basha Enterprises to design and develop our decorative Peacebirds perfect for the festive season. Through the crafting of each Peacebird we are also able to support the incredible work of Basha Enterprises who, through dignified work, provide sustainable livelihoods for women at risk or survivors of trafficking. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Basha provide the opportunity for these vulnerable women to gain job skills and to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs in a healthy, healing environment.

Each Peacebird comes with a story card which tells the story of Basha and connects you to the artisan's own story - hand signed individually for a beautiful, personal connection to real, meaningful social impact.