birds that make your heart sing®

Songbird Collection has found its home in the hearts of birdlife lovers and ethical consumers alike. Since 2015, Songbird has successfully provided employment to their team of artisans in Thailand, and has donated over $10,000 to Australian Birdlife Conservation projects. 
Songbird’s story starts with Founder Alexandra Sommer, who brings her rich background in design and her appreciation of the natural world into the foundations of the business.
In 2011, Alexandra first travelled to a small village, about 30 minutes drive from Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. As soon as she arrived, she was overwhelmed by the immense talent of the women with whom she met. When they weren’t taking part in seasonal agricultural work, they were working with clay and creating unique pieces of art that were full of colour and story.
Unfortunately, their craft depended on tourism, which was too unpredictable. With so many women being the sole bread-winner for their families, there wasn’t enough work to rely on to support their families. 
Alexandra kept in touch with the women and, in 2015, when she heard that demand for the women’s work had dried up and they were no longer producing their craft, she founded Songbird. She already knew there was a market for beautiful pieces, as she’d introduced the original bird necklaces in her hometown of Hobart after her first travels to great success. Alexandra knew she could give the women an opportunity to sustain their craft while also pursuing her own vision for the company. 
Songbird is stocked in over 70 stores across every Australian state and territory — you can find them in zoos, museums, botanical gardens, boutique gift stores and more. Click here to find a store near you, or email Songbird if you would like to stock our products.  
Songbird's Artisan Community Fund provides health and education support for their artisans, their families and village community.
Every time you purchase a Songbird, a whole community benefits.