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songbird is a colourful collection of ethically hand-crafted gifts & treasures inspired by Australia's beautiful birdlife

Our signature range of songbird necklaces & paperweights will make your heart sing with a delightful whistle on their tail!

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"Recently, I bought my 94 year old mum the Magpie whistle necklace. She is in an aged care facility and her cheeky personality is a source of entertainment for staff and residents. At a yoga session, they were told to visualise relaxing in a forest; she immediately blew her magpie. When asked what she was doing she told them that she was just making bird sounds as birds are in the forest!"

Laura H, Frankston, Victoria

"I do casual relief teaching in secondary schools but sometimes I am required at a primary school. The teacher left an activity where I had to make some sort of noise to indicate a rotation - so I used my little magpie necklace... Life is full of surprises!"

Anon, Victoria

I love my Songbird earrings, but I don't think the girl at the coffee shop did - she yelped when she saw that they were magpies! She explained that after being swooped by some magpies recently she had developed quite a fear of them - even my magpie earrings!

Alex D, Coburg North, Victoria

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