frequently asked questions

Does each Songbird Whistle mimic or sound like the bird it depicts?
No. Each of our Songbird Whistle Necklaces and Paperweight Whistles feature a single note whistle. 
Can I make different sounds from a Songbird Whistle?
Yes. Our Songbird Whistles are like musical wind instruments so you can play them using very similar techniques - you can trill, waver and make different tones which can help you achieve different bird-like calls. It is only limited by your imagination and talent!
What are the Songbirds made of?
Each Songbird has been uniquely hand-shaped from clay, fired and then delicately hand-painted. This means they are made from clay earthenware. We are often asked if they are made from wood, but no, they are not.
How do I care for my Songbird?
We have put together a useful set of care instructions for our Songbirds which you can find on the inside of the story card it was presented on, or here on our website.

Are the Songbirds suitable for children or toddlers?
Our Songbirds are not toys and are not recommended for children under five years.
Is Songbird an Australian owned business?
Yes, we are a proudly Australian owned business working with local and global artisans. We are based in Hobart the capital city of Australia's beautiful island state Tasmania.
Where are the Songbirds made?
Our Songbirds are made at our village-based workshop a half-hour motorbike ride from Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand.
Are your Songbirds produced ethically?
Absolutely. As a social enterprise we proudly create sustainable, skilled and fairly-paid jobs for our team of artisans who all live within five minutes of our village workshop.  We follow fair trade standards in all areas of our business operations, and provide annual health cover and skills development to each of our artisan members. 
Through our Artisan Community Fund we partner with local organisation the Mirror Foundation to extend our impact providing education and health support to our artisans' families and village community.
Is your clay sustainably sourced?
Yes. We source clay locally to our village workshop, usually from existing building sites that excavate to a clay cap. Our clay is never excavated purely for our craft, instead it is sourced from a process that is already removing it from the ground, therefore considered as sustainable as possible.
I am a retailer, are your Songbirds available for wholesale or trade customers?
Yes. We accept expressions of interest from retailers that share a similar interest in birdlife conservation and ethically produced goods. Please get in touch and we can send through further information regarding our wholesale offering, or you can register by visiting our wholesale portal here.
Can you make custom Songbirds?
Yes, we are able to produce custom bird designs however minimum quantities, lead times and conditions apply. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your custom requirements further.
Do you have another question we haven't covered in our FAQs? Please drop us a line and we will be in touch within two business days.