caring for your songbird

Just as precious as the real thing, our Songbirds have been uniquely hand-crafted from clay and delicately hand-painted. Here are some ways to make sure yours is always looking and/or singing its best.
Whilst most birds love water, ours don't so please avoid wearing while swimming, in the shower, etc.

Just as birds don't like getting oil and grease on their feathers, ours don't either, so avoid spraying with perfume or making contact with sunscreen or make-up

To clean your Songbird, simply use a cotton bud to gently remove any dirt or marks.

Whilst you aren't wearing your Songbird jewellery we recommend storing it in a safe place like the gift box or fabric bag it was presented in.

Treat our Songbirds like you would the real thing - handle with a gentle touch.
not intended as a toy. not suitable for children under 5 years.
If you have any questions regarding the care of your Songbird please contact us