Our Creative Process

Our creative process is truly a team effort. Starting with locally sourced clay, it takes many hands and creative eyes to shape our Songbirds into the unique, colourful and characterful birds that we see in our final collection.

Each Songbird is hand-shaped from real clay sourced locally near our production studio in Chiang Rai. Depending on the bird's size and the seasonal weather, once shaped each Songbird takes between two weeks (necklaces & earrings) to three months (paperweights) to air dry. They are then kiln-fired and hand-painted to depict our favourite Australian birds.

Our artisans each specialise in a different stage of the creative process: from the shaping of the clay, painting the fired shapes, to sewing the fabric bags they are presented in. We also source locally woven straps for our paperweight gift bags which helps sustain local weaving traditions.