Australian Birds Garland by Lazybones

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A garland love letter to our beautiful feathered friends of Australia.

This beautiful Australian birds garland is a celebration of our feathered friends.

Illustrations by John and Elizabeth Gould from The Birds of Australia supplement Published in London 1851

Birds from left, Halcyon Pyrrhopygia (Red backed kingfisher), Psephotus Chrysopterygius (Golden Shouldered Parrot), Merops melanurus (Rainbow Bee-Eater), Polytelis alexandrae, (Princess Parrot), Ceyx erithaca (3 toed Kingfisher)

Hand made in Australia by Lazybones

Total Length: 2.9m
Length of Images: 90cm plus 1m of tape at either end

Each image is digitally printed onto organic cotton sateen, cut into little flags with a raw and stitched edge and sewn into a flag garland.