Orange Bellied Parrot Whistle Necklace

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One of two long distance migratory parrots, the Orange-Bellied Parrot travels south over the Bass Strait, to Tasmania’s south-west wilderness to breed in the warmer months. The OBP’s existence is so rare and vulnerable with fewer that fifty existing in the wild, and as such are listed as critically endangered.

Scientific Name: Neophema Chrysogaster
Distribution: South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania
Habitat: Forest, tea tree scrubland, button grass moorlands
Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Each Songbird whistle necklace is skilfully hand-shaped from clay, fired, then hand-painted by our team of creative artisans in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Because of their handmade nature no two birds are the same, making them even more unique and characterful.

• Featuring a single note whistle.
• Presented plastic-free, in a fabric gift bag with story card.

Ethically handmade in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Please note our whistle necklaces are:
• not intended for use as a toy 
• not suitable for children under 4 years