Peacock Earrings

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This beauty is an Indian Peafowl. The peacocks (male peafowls) are famous for their incredibly beautiful, iridescent blue and green plumage and have for centuries been a symbol of royalty and, more recently and proudly, the national bird and symbol of India.

Each pair of Songbird Earrings are skilfully hand-shaped from clay, fired, then hand-painted by our team of creative artisans in Northern Thailand. Because of their handmade nature no two birds are the same, making them even more unique and characterful.

• Sterling Silver Hooks
• Presented plastic-free, in a fabric gift bag with story card.

Designed & ethically handcrafted in Thailand

A portion of proceeds from the sale of our Asian Songbird Collection contributes to our Songbird Artisan Community Fund; providing health and education support for our artisans, their families and village community.